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FEBRUARY 24TH - 26TH, 2008


OVER $40,000 in CASH & PRIZES

LEGENDS X is now history and the all the finalists put on a phenomenal show worthy of the most prestigious competition in the world. For LEGENDS X we brought back a crowd favorite with the Tandem competition. Five hand-selected teams battled it out at the finals on the big stage. Team Argentina, Juan Llorente and Christian Oldan, came out again and stopped the competition, but don’t get us wrong… there are a few new teams in development for the future. For more on Tandems check out the March issue of Flairbar.com.

Your LEGENDS X 2008 grand champion is none other than Dario Doimo. For those of you that know Dario know he is capable of throwing some of the hardest moves ever seen. We also know he sometimes struggles with drops from time to time. Maybe Kahunaville Las Vegas is doing something for him because he followed up his win at 2008 BEST in the WEST with a superior performance at LEGENDS X. Dario proved he is for real and ready to take on the world.

Not only did Dario smoke the competition in the Pour Test Round by over 14 points, but he backed that up with winning the Pour Off on Finals night. Dario followed that up with a respectable 3rd place in the speed round only giving up 10 points to Rodrigo Delpech and again taking 3rd place in working flair to keep things real tight.

For the big show, Dario pulled out a 2nd place in Exhibition flair but his consistence was enough to crown him the 2008 LEGENDS OF BARTENDING CHAMP!!!! Well Done Dario! It was a very hard fought battle.

Coming in a very close second this year was Rodrigo Delpech, the champion from the past three years,. Again LEGENDS is all about consistency across all rounds. Rodrigo won the speed round this year and followed that up with taking the speed-off head to head competition on finals night as well. He placed 3rd in Pour, 2nd in Working Flair, and 3rd in Exhibition flair. Rodrigo displayed all the charm, skill, and charisma we are used to from a Delpech. That hard work earned him a solid second place just a few points away from gold.

Danilo Oribe could possibly be the story of the competition. He started off with a speed round that went all wrong. Losing a bottle off the stage during his round was enough to shatter his momentum and earn him dead last in that round. After the first round of the finals, Danilo was over 50 points down and visibly shaken. Now the impressive part… he went outside to pull it together and gather up some steadiness to try to come back and battle for the title. Whatever he did worked! He followed up a disastrous speed round with a very close 4th place in the Pour Test, being only 2 points down from 2nd it was pretty much a tie. From there, Danilo put it into over drive and showed the other competitors how to do a working flair round by smoking them by just under 30 points in that 1 round. After that, he came out finals night and showed the room how flair is done and won the exhibition flair round by another 10 points. He came back from dead last to a solid 3rd place being only 20 points out of the lead… seriously focused individual.

In 4th place came Paul Trzcianko… no make that Vache Manoukian… with only 0.33 points separating them (that is 3 tenths of a point), they were pretty much tied. Vache however edged out Paul to take 4th place with 5th place going to Paul. Both were on fire and showcased solid performances on finals night.

Rodrigo Cao pulled down 6th place in typical Cao style. He had good performances in every round except his pour test. Arguably the most nerve racking round of the event took its toll on many LEGENDS competitors this year and Rodrigo Cao was not able to escape it either. All of Rodrigo’s other rounds were world class and good enough to pull him into 6th place. Rodrigo Cao also took home 2nd place for the Finest Call Stall!

Finishing up the finals is Behnam Gerami, Sean Story, and Jamie Barry in 7th, 8th, and 9th place respectively. Behnam came back to LEGENDS with another serious speed round taking 2nd place and being just over 1 point down from Rodrigo… blazing fast. Sean Story kicked in a personal overdrive and got the job done… no more Flipper Award for Mr. Story.. he is now a LEGENDS Finalist. Sean Story also took home the 1st place trophy for the Finest Call Stall. Jamie who? Taking many by surprise was Jamie Barry from Kahunaville Las Vegas. His consistence across all rounds in qualifiers earned him his spot on the stage, and he did not disappoint. We look forward to more finals appearances from Mr. Barry in the future.

A distinctive note: Kahunaville Las Vegas had 5 finalists in this year’s LEGENDS of bartending… the next time you are in Las Vegas, you might want to stop by Treasure Island and check these guys out. Thank you Mark Green for creating a phenomenal flair team and supporting them and their sport! Well done!

For 2008 we also had an advanced division in LEGENDS. The top 3 advanced competitors could have easily won LEGENDS 1-3 with the performances they had. Billy Zurisk from Rockland California took top honors by edging out Steve Jarmuz of Las Vegas for the win. Rob Lyons from Arkansas followed them in third. Obviously these guys put on great shows and were good across all their rounds to earn that spot on stage, but we would like to thank them mostly for incredible level of sportsmanship they displayed at all times. All the advanced competitors had that spark in their soul and showed that friendship and sportsmanship are paramount. Thank you guys!

We would like to thank everyone for a phenomenal event. All the hard work of the barbacks, judges, and staff are the core of what makes LEGENDS tick… but all hats come off for the competitors blood, sweat, and tears to try and take their place on that stage finals night. Thanks to all LEGENDS competitors.

Until next year!